The Possibilities of Sainthood
Frances Foster Books/FSG
August 2008

"Behold: A rare bloom of a blook, a genuflection toward the reality that today's young can still be, more likely than not, good at heart. THE POSSIBILITIES OF SAINTHOOD while never gloomy or dogmatic, is a literary work of mercy. Let us rejoice and be glad." -- Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked and A Lion Among Men

"Fresh and funny...[Antonia's] emails to the Vatican add flair to a coming-of-age novel already vivid for its warm portrayal of urban Italian-American family life...While getting at serious issues, Freitas wins readers over with a beautifully sustained light tough." -- StarredPublishers Weekly

"First-time novelist Freitas hops into the romance genre and brightens and heightens it by providing characters who are anything but run-of-the-mill...Yes, it's kind of silly that Antonia thinks she has a shot at being the Patron Saint of the Kiss, but her first-person narrative is so smile-inducing, it's easy to go along with the premise. As Antonia sorts out her feelings for longtime crush Andy, as well as Michael, the boy who makes her blush, readers will be hard-pressed to decide what interests them most--make out sessions or marters." -- StarredBooklist

"Antonia Labella is a typical parochial schoolgirl, complete with plaid skirts and knee socks....When not cultivating an encyclopedic knowledge of the saints, she swoons over hottie Andy Rottelini and pines for her first kiss. Freitas infuses Antonia's quirky narration with crisp depictions of daily life in Federal Hill, a close-knit, Italian-American neighborhood in Rhode Island. Readers hear heavy accents, smell simmering tomatoes sauces and feel the ever-present pull of Catholicism. Antonia's comedic treatment of the four big Italian obsessions--love, family, food and religion--will give teens insight into a rich, warm and complicated culture...Like good homemade pasta, this satisfying novel balances lightness with substance and leaves teens wanting another serving." -- Starred, Kirkus Reviews

"[Antonia's] life revolves around working at Labella's Market (the best homemade pasta in Rhode Island), school, boys, and saints. Freitas brings to life the protagonist's experiences at a Catholic school and in an immigrant family. First loves and family feuds fill the pages." -- Starred,  School Library Journal

"Donna Freitas has created a warmhearted story filled with humor, reflections and life. Antonia is amazing: very goal-oriented, determined, guided by her heart, a character who almost becomes a real friend. Freitas has a writing style that invites a reader to step into the story, to become part of it, and really feel the emotions and actions of her characters....a charming and witty book." --